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How to be a cam model. And sell your soul.

So let’s talk about the logistics of a cam show. What the hell is Danny/Jezebel doing on cam for all those hours? Let’s go step by step.

Scheduling a show

So contrary to popular belief, I can’t just pop online anytime I wish and have a spontaneous, successful cam show. The best way to build a good cam following and make tons of dolla bills is to create a schedule. This way all of my faithful followers can know when I’m online and put it on their calendars and join when I’m there. So I build a schedule. Usually I cam on Saturdays and Sundays, and sometimes on a weekday. I tell my cam fam via Twitter when they’ll see me next. Then the important thing is to stick to the schedule. I usually tell my biological family (Mom and Dad) that I have work.

The look

Getting ready requires a bit of time. It requires of course showering, shaving whatever I need to, blow drying hair and picking out an outfit. I have an assortment of lingerie and sexier outfits that I wear. Every cam girl is different. Some wear full blown glam makeup and glittery dresses, other more sporty styles, some regular clothes. My usual look is a lace romper of some sort. Sometimes velvet shorts and a tank top. I go with what I feel like wearing, spacing out the outfits I own with a lot of shows in between so the users get me in a new look often. My makeup look is actually to wear none. I like to be casual. My users love that I’m natural. From what I understand, this takes hours off my getting ready time.

Setting up the room

Setting up the scene physically with equipment takes time. I set up my coffee table in front of my couch, then another table on top of the coffee table where the computer stands. So the computer is pretty much at my eye level. Attached to the coffee table is my blue yeti mic on a swinging arm. On the computer is my webcam. On the table is a big ol’ glass of water or other beverage. On the couch so the camera can see I put sex toys. They include: a big dildo, a small dildo, my Lush (unless I have it inside of me) and my Domi (a black wand version of the Lush… also bluetooth controlled, for exterior stimulation) and lube. In front of me I have a ring light, and behind me on the couch sometimes I put fairy lights. I keep the lighting sensual. I have a speaker where I play my favorite music.

Setting up the cam room

So then I have to get all the plugins on the site ready. This involves bluetooth connecting my Lush. My Lush has levels that are already pre-set. For example, 1-10 tokens releases a gentle vibrate, 11-20 releases a stronger vibrate, 21-30 an even stronger vibrate… and so on and so forth up until 2000+ tokens. I also have special Lush patterns that people can tip for. They can tip 255 to get a pulsing vibrate pattern, 355 to get an earthquake vibrate pattern, and 455 to get an explosion pattern. People like to shake things up. Anyway, then I have to turn on apps that I want to use in the room. These are menus (think like a food menu. It’s like 80 tokens for showing boobs, 90 tokens to show pussy, 150 to lick nipples, 300 for fingering, 500 for masturbation, etc.) and games. Sometimes I let users tip 55 tokens to “roll the dice” and they get a random prize (the prizes can be anything from flashes to videos in their inbox). The games keep things interesting and fresh.

The show begins

Once the living room is setup, I feel fresh and confident, and the cam room has plugins all ready, I can go live. I click go live and wait for people to join the room. Usually I begin standing. Within 2 minutes, people start to enter. I talk to them. If I recognize who they are, I ask them how they’re doing. If they’re new, I'll meet them. We talk about my day, about sexy stuff, any kind of bullshit they want. Usually they start tipping, sometimes for flashes, sometimes for XXX stuff, sometimes for my Lush to go off. And I go with it- whatever they tip for, I’m down for (as long as it’s within my limits- hence having a menu is great). I do a lot of dancing. Sometimes shows start off super strong and taper off later, and sometimes it can take at least an hour for things to get started.

The goal

The goal of the show is of course to keep making tokens. This is done by establishing an energy in the room. I want it to be good vibes of course, but things can’t be turnt up to 11 the whole time. Sometimes a show will reach peaks, then valleys, maybe some lows, and then keep peaking again. Sometimes a show will start very slow and then peak at hour 5. This is a great way to do it because this means I can have users stay with me for all 5-6 hours, and keep them tipping the whole way through. The peak usually comes when I orgasm, and the valley or low is directly after, because usually the guys orgasm with me. Believe it or not, I make the most money with my clothes on (because this is teasing) and when I’m orgasming. So I want to keep my clothes on as long as possible, then orgasm when I feel there are a lot of tipping users in the room.

Finishing a show

So I’m running the show, of course, so I can decide when I leave. In my experience in doing this for a while, 5-6 hours is the ultimate time. It gives me time to have a well rounded show. I can make good money in this time, but of course, it’s not guaranteed. But with the algorithm of the cam site, it also benefits me to stay online longer. I usually finish after I have an orgasm (depending on the show, this can be the last one of 7, or my only one), and after I speak to them a bit afterwards. I’m not one to cum and run haha. We do a lot of chatting after, and I tell them when I see them again. I also remind them to sign up for my OnlyFans (I get 10-15 subscribers usually after a show).


So after a show… I’m out of gas. That’s an understatement. I’m run down as all hell. Usually I ravenously eat, drink a gallon of water, look at my phone for more or less the first time in 6 hours, and try to take care of myself. To be honest, I’m not the best at it. Before I collapse, though, I have to clean up. It’s my least favorite part. I have to wash all the sex toys and put away all equipment. It takes time. Then I update my Twitter on how good the show was (marketing is important, ya’ll!), and I can finally lay there like a dead fish. It can be soul-sucking, but hey… look at all the tokens I made. Lol.

Analyzing the show

After each show, I figure out how it went. This is how by looking at how many tokens I made in comparison to how long I was online. There can be amazing shows where I can’t believe I just made that much money, some okay shows, and some shitty shows. From what I understand, no matter how established a cam model you are, or even if you’ve been doing it for 6 years, anyone and everyone has a bad show once in a while. In the past I could have shows where I made $40, but now it’s all relative. So for me a bad show isn’t that bad, but also not that good. Remember cam models make an insane hourly rate. It’s why we do it. I’m in a pretty shit mood if I have a bad show, and a pretty high mood if I have a good show. It’s quite up and down.

So there you have it, now you have all the tools you need to be a cam model! Haha, kidding, but I guess you actually do if you really wanted to cam lol. As you can see, I work for that money. And at a tremendous cost. Just try talking to me after a show… it’s not a pretty sight.

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