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My name is Danny. I am a cam model. If you don't know what that is, I suggest you google it. Camming is not your everyday 9-5 job, that's for sure, but it's something I love doing. However, there are lots of negatives about my job. One of the big ones is that I have to live a sort of double life. My cam persona is Jezebel. So essentially, I am also her. And most people don't know Jezebel exists. Not my parents, not a lot of relatives, not a lot of my partners, not even some friends. 

So I'm here to talk about the nitty gritty- from the details about how I got into this industry, what equipment I use, how I make my money, but also what it's like having 2 lives. And that it's pretty hard juggling all of that. My life is not simple. What I'm not here for is sex work. That's for my Jezebel, on her channels. But if you're into some messy drama and stories, and probably some regular everyday content (but with a twist), stick around. I think you'll be entertained. And if not, it's not really my problem, now is it?

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