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A pink tail between her legs

I spoke in my first blog post about that first summer where I had a ton of trial and error. After that awkward but semi-successful beginning stage, I realized that I needed to step things up. And that meant investing money in some equipment. I realized this was necessary from watching hours and hours of cam models (oh what my search history must’ve looked like in those days lol). And what I noticed, aside from the ladies having beautiful lighting and sound (I obviously bought the best camera and microphone for the job), was that a lot of them had this weird pink tail coming from in between their legs. I didn’t get it. It was like they had a vibrator inside of them that was making them all burst into huge fits of (mostly fake) pleasure. I had to understand what this was.

After some googling, I realized that these women all had a Lush inside of them. What’s a Lush, you might ask? Well… it’s an internal g-spot vibrator that is bluetooth controlled. When you set up the vibrator to connect to your computer’s bluetooth, and download all these plugins, the users in the room can tip and actually make the vibrator vibrate. So if Bigblackballs123 tips 25 tokens, my vagina will vibrate. If he tips 500 tokens, it’ll vibrate even harder. And if he tips 2000 tokens… well you get the picture.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Is that not the most brilliant fucking thing you’ve ever heard? And listen, I’m a woman, yeah… a vibrator INSIDE of me is not going to make me squeal like a pig as these other ladies do. A girl usually needs some kind of clit stimulation. And I don’t judge them, I respect them. Chances are they are not squealing from pleasure, but squealing because they want these guys to believe that they are squealing from pleasure. But really, it’s just a way to fake it so that they get more tokens. And maybe I’m projecting… for some of them I’m sure it feels good. But not on the level of screams that these ladies produce. But either way, it’s an utterly brilliant business idea. Like Pavlov’s dog, I could train these guys to send me money and make them think that sending me money makes me scream in ecstasy.

So anyway, I immediately needed to get it. I went to the store and bought it right away, receiving a knowing look from the clerk. The funny thing is that the company markets the toy as also a way for your partner to control the vibrator inside of you. I’m guessing about 5% of sales are for that purpose. If you’re going into a store and buying a Lush, you’re buying it because you’re a busy-hustling-money-making-lady-cam-model-biotch. I remember using it for the first time and my sales went through the roof. I tried different types of moaning- deep versions, high pitched ones. It didn’t matter- it all worked. The guys loved the idea of controlling my pleasure. And don’t get me wrong, it felt nice, but as I said, a vibrator on the g-spot is not the same as a vibrator on the clit. So I decided to take it out and use it on my clit.

That’s when the guys actually could make me cum on camera from the Lush. It changed everything. I used to just have them tip for me to put a vibrator on my clit and I’d make myself cum, but now they can tip for me to get to the point where I would start to cum, and then they can tip while the vibrator is on my clit for me to cum. I don’t think you know how much of a game changer this was.

They essentially can now control my orgasm. I think I doubled my income since the Lush. And yeah, I guess I didn’t speak about it before, but I cum on camera. A lot. Sometimes 7 times in a show.

You’re probably wondering- how does one cum 7 times in a 5 hour period? Well… one doesn’t. I cum maybe 3-4 of those times, and the other times I fake it. I’m sorry!!!! I truly am. That’s one thing I really don’t like to do- fake it. I pride myself on cumming for real. Every. Single. Time. But when the Lush came, things just changed. And you have to keep the energy up in the room. So if some big spender comes along and drops $100 on the spot to see you orgasm, and then continues dropping $25 at a time 10-15 times to get you there, then you gotta perform. And if I just came 9 minutes ago for the 4th time and my body and mind are exhausted, well… I’m gunna pretend that your tips are sending me into heaven. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s necessary.

So that’s how a little pink vibrator changed everything. It’s such a defining part of my cam career, I had to share it. It’s weird how in a business something so small can change everything, right? But I guess that’s how it works sometimes. And the growth never ends. To this day, I spend hours thinking of new show ideas to keep things fun and fresh. Balloons with prizes inside when you tip to pop them? I’ve done it. Strip jenga? Been there, done that. Couple shows? Oh yeah (I’ll explain those in another post… don’t get greedy). Is this Danny thinking of the ideas, or Jezebel? I guess we’ll never know.

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